Late Banwari Lal Mittal was one of Nepal’s most respected individuals. Not only in the field of business, was he well known and respected as a leading intellectual, socially responsible and someone who worked tirelessly in preserving our values and traditions. In every field he attained height that few others have. Right from starting one of the earliest construction businesses to an airline at the age of 63, he started many businesses and made great successes out of them. He was the first and the only airlines from the entire South Asia region to operate helicopters for the UN Peacekeeping operations in far flung places in Africa. Not only was he elected as the President of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, he served on many prestigious institutions like the Pashupati Area Development Trust, Senate of the Tribhuvan University, Paropakar Sansthan to name a few. He started the school with the blessing and guidance of Khaptad baba with a clear mission of imparting world class education while preserving our values, traditions and culture. He continued to lead the development of the school until his departure to his heavenly abode in 2015. After his passing away, the school continues to flourish under the guidance of his wife Sushila Mittal.


Swami Sacchinand Saraswati better known and recognized as Khaptad Baba was the inspiration behind the establishment of this school. During one of his discussions with our Founder Late Banwari Lal Mittal, they concluded that an educational institute that imparts world class education while preserving our socio-cultural values and traditions was a burning need to ensure that the rich cultural heritage of Nepal is not eroded or worst still completely lost over time to western influences.  Khaptad Baba inspired everyone to live a humble life. Many mistook his simplicity for lack of knowledge or awareness. He could have easily chosen to live a comfortable life with all luxuries at his disposal if he wished. Instead, he chose to live a simple life because he believed that simplicity was the key to spiritual enlightenment. A great proponent of power of thought, which he elaborated in his book Bichaar Bigyaan (The Science of Thought), he believed that with our thoughts alone we could make great changes and therefore it is important to always have positive thoughts always. We, at Alok Vidyashram, wholeheartedly believe in this and instill in our staff and students the importance of staying positive, thinking good and doing good. Khaptad used to say do no harm to anyone; positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. He was also a great proponent of diligently doing one’s duties and NOT just having positive thoughts for thoughts without action can bring no results. While the Alokians aim to conquer the world, Alokians intend to not forget their values, traditions and culture either.