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Technology and Science

To empower our students to be better prepared to deal with ongoing technological changes in society and the workplace, IT is integral to the teaching-learning interaction. Students have easy access to our science labs…

Visual & Performing Art

Dance and drama, like any other art form, allows our students to dive into a world of imagination and create something meaningful. Not only do they explore opportunities for performing during assemblies or annual productions..

Sports & Extra Curricular

Physical activity is essential to the holistic development of students which is vital to their physical, social, and emotional health. The benefits of sport reach beyond the impact of physical well-being and its …

Welcome to Alok Vidyashram

Established in the year 1994, Alok Vidyashram, affiliated with both CBSE and SEE Boards, offers a full-fledged high school program from Nursery to Class 12. Education at Alok moves beyond classrooms as we strive to provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment that promotes children’s learning, develops confidence and encourages the individual child’s growth and development.

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Our infrastructure is well thought of

Academic Overview

We Are One Of The first cbse schools in kathmandu

We encourage our students to develop a love of learning which will motivate them to continue to seek knowledge and acquire understanding throughout their lifetime. To this end, we encourage students to take an active role in the learning process. Throughout their years at Alok Vidyashram, students develop the skills necessary for independent inquiry, critical thinking and creative expression. We are committed to maintaining a challenging academic program that is designed for students who possess high academic goals. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual child and strive to help each fulfill his or her potential.
We have structured our academics in different levels. Primary School (Nursery to Grade III), Middle School (Grade IV to VI)Secondary School (Grade VII to X) and Senior School (Grade XI and XII)

Education at alok moves beyond classrooms

We provide a safe, nurturing and eductational environment that promotes learning, growth and development

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Model United Nations is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Alok has been taking students to the United States of America (USA) to the Harvard Model United Mission, HUMN, since 2014. Delegates from Alok participated in the largest iteration of HMUN ever – a gathering of 3,300 high school delegates and their faculty advisors from 50 countries, and 31 committees spanning two hotel venues. Interested parents(Classes 9 and above) may contact for further details.

What our director says


Welcome to Alok Vidyashram and thank you for visiting our website. I take this opportunity to provide you information on this website with useful insights into the possibilities that exist for your children in this wonderful school.

For over 27 years Alok has provided an educational offering that has allowed its graduating students the opportunity to take up study at renowned universities around the world. At the same time, attributes espoused by CBSE and SEE Board curriculum provide the cornerstone to an all-round education that is critical in developing well rounded young individuals who will make a positive and productive contribution to the world in which they live, well-beyond their time at school. These are lived as well as taught in everyday life in our school.

Children can devise a scientific experiment, ride along, sing a song, discover the joy of helping someone less
fortunate than themselves, make a friend, swim a lap, learn how to work in a team, become a computer whiz, solve a tough math problem and take some time out to curl up in the library with a good book.

Alok is an active place and it has something for everyone. If you walk the halls and listen quietly you will hear the telltale buzz of young minds working at full capacity. I invite you to enter the fray and join us. If you do, be careful you don’t get trampled by the headlong, frenetic rush of children engaged in becoming all that they can be.

In the end, no words can perfectly convey the true spirit and sense of community that exists in a school.
Thus, I hope you will take the opportunity to visit us in order to get a better sense of what a special place
we have here at Alok Vidyashram.

Banita Mittal, Harvard

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Multiple Events around the year

Alok Cultural Programme 2022 ( PG to grade 5)

Celebrating Unity in Diversity

Graduation and farewell Program 2022

Celebrating Milestones

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